Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Releases From Lawrence Everett

Lawrence Everett is a man of many talents. He doesn't shy away from many challenges, and writing and publishing isn't one of them. Born is Southeastern Ohio, he has taken his lifelong experiences and transferred them into his storytelling. Though not new to Indie publishing, Lawrence kept away from it until his longtime friend, Stormgate Press Publisher, 
Charles Millhouse lured him back after 18 years. Bookmark this sight and check back often for upcoming releases

Tales of the Weird and Strange #1: In the tradition of the old pulp magazines of days gone by, Tales of the Weird and Strange brings together a collection of short stories inspired on local legends created by authors from across the United States. Capturing the old school pulp magazine style for a new generation.

The weird and strange isn't a place to play, but a FUN BOOK with the horrid creatures of the night is a place to spend your waking hours doing word puzzles, coloring pictures, trying to find your way out of mazes and matching games. All you need is some markers, or a pencil to have loads of fun. Coming soon

Ghostly Legends: Folklore of Southeastern Ohio is a revision of earlier works that I published almost 20 years ago. These stories have been reworked and some new stories added. I have visited the locations of the legends of Southeastern Ohio and some were even farther than that. The original books were the first to be published about the legends of Athens, Ohio. These are ghost hunting adventures that I have went on and stories passed down from other people’s ghostly encounters. 

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